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Look at our custom designs and select the unique features that work for you, including:








Solar panels


Custom fixtures

Building ADA-Compliant Structures

One of our customers was wheelchair bound and wished to design and build a home that was completely wheelchair accessible.

We worked closely with the customer to get their input regarding the floor plan. Then we designed the home accordingly, including all the right features:




Bathroom showers






Garage access


Ramps and more

Not only was the finished home fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, but it met the customer’s wishes, and they are now enjoying the much-improved accessibility throughout their new home.

Customer Satisfaction Always

Recently, we worked with a customer who wished to tear down their old home and build a new one on a small lot outside the municipality limits.

To be connected to the municipality sewer and water system, however, the lot would have to be annexed. The process included:

We applied for the necessary annexation to the municipality and the variances required for the building permit
We applied to the Wisconsin Department of Administration for an annexation approval
With the customer, we attended the village planning commission and the village board meeting to present the case for annexation and the necessary variances
The annexation and variances were approved

Once these issues were resolved, we designed and built the customer’s home according to the variance requirements, and we were able to connect to the municipality’s sewer and water system.

Fulfilling Your Building Plans

We once had a customer who owned lake property but could not get the necessary permits to tear down their cottage and replace it with a retirement home.

We worked with the customer to design a home that complied with as many permitting requirements as possible, and then we worked as the builder to file all the paperwork and pursue the necessary variances for the customer. This included:
We attended the Sheboygan County board of adjustment review meeting with the customer to present a compelling case regarding the nature of the existing problem, and we laid out a comprehensive course of action that would accomplish the rebuilding of a structure that remained within the parameters of the controlling authorities
Once that approval was granted, we attended the township board of review meeting with the customer and again presented our case
In the end, five variances from standard permitting were applied for and reviewed and approval was granted

Afterward, we were able to tear down the old cottage and build the customer’s retirement home where they are now enjoying the home of their dreams.

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Once we had built the sunroom to the agreed-upon extent allowed by the customer’s budget, the customer then completed the project on their own.
Moraine Builders is ready to help you add a sunroom or another addition to your home. Free consultations and estimates are available.