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Upgrade your dated kitchen or bath with new amenities and updated style. Moraine Builders Inc. provides full-service remodeling with an emphasis on high-quality work and top-grade materials.

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Add Popular Features to Your Rooms

Our design consultations give you a great choice in popular features. These include:





Custom showers


Custom bathtubs

We also offer a variety of tiles so you can personalize colors and patterns to fit your taste and style.

We’re Ready to Meet Your Design Challenges

Here’s an example of the kind of work we do: Our customer had a dated and small kitchen that they wanted to expand with an added dining area. Because the home itself was small (1,100 square feet), the design parameters were challenging. To achieve what the customer wanted, we did the following:

  • Redesigned and re-engineered some of the structural components of the home to accommodate the larger kitchen and dining area

  • Installed header framing in a bearing wall to create the open-wall concept desired

  • Removed and relocated a staircase to the basement

  • Converted a little-used adjoining bedroom and incorporated it into the new dining area

  • Installed all new cabinets, sink, windows, and more

We’re happy to report that our customer loves their new kitchen and dining room.

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Once we had built the sunroom to the agreed-upon extent allowed by the customer’s budget, the customer then completed the project on their own.

Moraine Builders is ready to help you add a sunroom or another addition to your home. Free consultations and estimates are available.